Comfort Layer Exchange Program

Our innovative custom comfort layer system means the comfort of your Metta® Bed mattress can easily be adjusted from plush to medium to firm simply by exchanging or interchanging layers. Different firmness comfort layers are available at no charge by way of our 120-night free comfort layer exchange program. After 120 nights you can purchase replacement layers for a fee.

Generally, our comfort layer exchange program works as follows...

Sleep on your pure latex mattress for as many as 120 nights (from the date of delivery). If you are feeling rested and are sleeping soundly, then congratulations - you selected the proper comfort when you purchased your mattress and you have many years of great sleep ahead of you! If on the other hand, your sleep isn't what you "dreamed" it would be, complete a comfort exchange request form to start the layer-exchange process. Note that while completing the form you must notate the firmness you are returning and the firmness you are requesting that we send to you, and they must be different (meaning you can't exchange a plush layer for another plush layer).

Once you submit a comfort exchange request form, expect a call from our customer service team within 48 business hours to coordinate your exchange. If we don't reach you by phone, we will follow up with an email. In either case, we manage the exchange process for you and also pay ground freight charges for both the return of the layer you are exchanging and your new layer.

When your new layer is shipped to you, we include a prepaid freight label and packaging to be used to return the layer you are exchanging. Please package the layer according to the instructions provided and be sure to ship your returned layer back to us within 14 days from the receipt of your exchange. We give you as many as 14 days so you have an opportunity to try your prior and replacement layer both, before deciding which to send back.

Good news! The pure latex used in your Metta Bed mattress doesn't have an extended break-in period like many other latex and foam products. With Metta Bed, you'll know that you love your new mattress within only a few short nights. Questions? Just give us a call or send us an email.

Get your best sleep, naturally™ with the Metta Bed line of all-natural latex mattresses and certified organic bedding.


Natural bedding ccessories may not be exchanged. Residential addresses and consumer customers only. Limit one exchange per Metta Bed mattress purchase.