Certified Organic, Spiraled Wool™ Pillow

Soft and supportive in a medium loft. Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers alike.




If you want a better night’s sleep, naturally, check out the Spiraled Wool™ Pillow from Metta® Bed.

  • A luxurious, 300-thread count cotton sateen cover provides a comforting, cooling sleep.
  • Our spiraled wood is created by tumbling raw wool fiber until spiral shaped balls are formed, and this unique spiral shape ensures optimal support and comfort.
  • All of our wool is GOTS certified organic, so you’re guaranteed a completely natural, non-toxic pillow.

Perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers alike, our spiraled wool pillow is soft and supportive in a medium loft. We only use (Global Organic Textile Standard) GOTS certified organic materials, so the Spiraled Wool™ Pillow is non-toxic and all-natural. Why expose your body to the harmful chemicals found in traditional pillows when you can have a comfortable, soft, and supportive non-toxic pillow instead?

  • Available in standard, queen, or king
  • Available as a 1-pack or 2-pack
  • GOTS certified organic
  • Made in USA
  • Spot clean only

GOTS Certified Organic

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